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Our Olympia store has moved into a new home at
1900 Harrison Ave NW, 98502 (Formerly Falcone Bicycle).

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Service Packs

Old Town Bicycle Service Package
$345.00 - $495.00
There is no better way to keep your bike ready to ride than frequent tune ups. And there is no cheaper way to get tune ups than our Service Packages! We offer Service Packages for every type of bike whether you bought the bike from us or not. (Save the most by buying the package the same day you buy your bike from us! See pricing details below.) Pay one time up front and you receive free tune ups for as long as you own the bike. The work can be done at any one of our store locations; plus with professional mechanics in every OTB shop you can rest assured that your bike is getting the treatment it deserves. See our catalog of Service Packs for pricing and ask one of our staff members for further details or help in determining the right package for you. Mountain bikes, road bikes, tri bikes, tandems. Whatever the bike we can set you up with a great price on tune ups FOR LIFE!
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