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Donation Request Info

Thank you for your interest in Old Town Bicycle's donation and support program.

Old Town Bicycle receives hundreds of requests for donations and support every year. We have established some guidelines of who we generally support through donations. Even if your event may not qualify as stated below please feel free to submit it to us. We can not assist everyone who asks but we always consider each case with an open mind.

Generally we support local organizations and local events relating to:

  • Bicycle advocacy groups
  • Bicycle events such as organized rides, safety promotions, etc
  • Bicycle races and triathlons
  • Anything else that relates to bicycles, bicycling, and bicycle advocacy

Due to budget and or time constraints we may not be able to help all events that qualify. Again, please feel free to send us your info so we can look at it. (Please make sure to allow emails from in your SPAM settings.)


(Please give a brief description of your event. Who does it benefit? Is it an auction, silent auction, raffle, etc. Anything you feel we should know about the event/cause include it here.)
(Please include area code)
(Please include area code)
Adding an address can help expedite the donation approval process.

Thank you for filling out our donation / support request form. We will look over the info and we will be in touch soon.