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Cannondale Bicycle Co
Old Town Bicycle has had a long relationship with Cannondale Bicycle Corp. One of the reasons for this is they have always pushed the envelope with their designs and ideas. And not just with their "race bikes". They really look at the needs and wants of riders and make bikes that work.
Cannondale offers a huge variety of bikes from Road to MTB, Comfort to Touring, Tandems to Downhill. View our Catalog of Cannondale Bikes.
We are one of the largest retailer of Cannondale bicycles and accessories in Washington and a top 20 retailer in the USA.
With Old Town Bicycle's BG Certified Fitting available at all of our locations you can rest assured that we will work with you to find the perfect bike with the perfect fit.
We even offer a 30 day guarantee. If we don't fit you correctly and we cant fix the problem we will give you your money back! How's that for confidence in our fit program?